Bow Hunting

We consider bow hunting as the ultimate form of hunting and we have a variety of hides/blinds available; such as pit, elevated, and box blinds as well as tree stands, all of which offer excellent opportunities for bagging good trophies. Great care has been taken in the positioning of these blinds in order to provide you with the best hunting opportunity.

To your beneļ¬t, our PH’s are also specialist bow hunters, an uncommon scenario, who are able to assist with advice and provide you with a complete bow hunting experience.

Out of 24 hides you will have excellent opportunities for a successful bow hunt. We have an assortment of pit and elevated hides to choose from, all positioned to give the hunter the best hunting opportunities.





(Valid until 28 February 2016)  


DAILY RATE (per night)

Hunter 2x1 PH        - US$ 390 / hunter / day

Hunter 1x1 PH        - US$ 480 / hunter / day

Non Hunters            - US$ 200 / person / day





Trophy fees, taxidermy fees, laundry, curios, telephone account, bar account, staff gratuities, etc.


Pick-up and drop-off at the Airports can be arranged

OR Tambo        - US$ 1400 (Per Vehicle)

King Shaka        - US$ 700 (Per Vehicle)



Blue Wildebeest US$ 680
Bushpig (on bait) US$ 650
Cape Buffalo SQ  
Cape Bushbuck US$ 1150
Common Reedbuck US$ 800
Giraffe US$ 2800
Grey Duiker US$ 300
Impala US$ 330
Jackal US$ 300
Kudu US$ 1650
Mountain Reedbuck US$ 550
Nyala US$ 1800
Ostrich US$ 350
Porcupine (on bait) US$ 160
Red Duiker US$ 1050
Rhino White SQ  
Steenbok US$ 550
Worthog under 10" US$ 350
Warthog 10" & over US$ 550
Waterbuck US$ 2450
Zebra US$ 1000


The following species not available on the property are available in our other concession areas with prior arrangement

Additional transport cost of US$1 / 2km


Black Wildebeest US$ 850
Blesbuck Common US$ 450
Blesbuck White US$ 750
Blue Duiker SQ  
Crocodile SQ  
Eland US$ 2250
Gemsbok US$ 1400
Hippo SQ  
Hyena Spotted SQ  
Leopard SQ  
Lion SQ  
Red Hartebees US$ 990
Springbuck US$ 350
Springbuck Black SQ  
Suni US$ 2350


Carcasses remain the property of the reserve.

Any animal wounded is payable in full.



Additional activities are available and can be booked through your PH. These are an additional cost and are not included in the daily rate.

These activities include game drives, boat cruises, fishing, canoe safaris, rhino tracking and guided walks.



  1. Full daily rate is required as a deposit to confirm your safari.
  2. The balance; such as all extras and trophy fees are payable on the day of departure.
  3. Leeukop Safaris reserves the right to change any of the terms, conditions and prices.
  4. Deposits will be refunded if booking is cancelled 60 days prior to arrival.


All prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Contact us

+27 (0) 83 680 5433 (Kemp)
+27 (0) 86 582 9881


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